Letterpressed Ex Libris Bookplate

letterpressed bookplate
letterpressed bookplate

This plate celebrates the owners’ house in France.

Letterpressed on Zerkall 150 gsm. Edition of 250, approximately 8 x 10 cms.


Client feedback:

Dear Gordon:

The bookplates are simply gorgeous.  I like the crispness of the drawing, the texture as you rub a finger over them, the contrast between black and white.  The text font is striking.  I used the stick you recommended to put them in my books over there.  Very easy to apply to the plate and simple to set the plate into the book.  As I have more books to bring over the next time I come, I took a set of plates home to New York with me.  I am so pleased.  When I came home and showed them to John, he said they looked fantastic, and by the way, we have so many more books here in New York, why didn’t you do one for here?  So who knows, I may be contacting you again one of these days!

If you would like to post the plate, that would be fine.  I think you made a beautiful work of art.  Thank you!! 

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