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February 2011 sees me in an online magazine called Beat.
In an article about my trompe l’œil painting.

I am very lucky to have made a few TV and film appearances recently:

"Everything Inbetween, The Story of Ellipse"
The process of my painting a trompe l’œil ceiling for the top of a stairwell was filmed and some of the material used in the forthcoming DVD,
by singer-songwriter Imogen Heap.
Released in October 2010.
See the painting on my site here.
See a 7 minute documentary video about my work, featuring this mural:

"DIYSOS" for the BBC Children in Need Special 2009, Gaerwen.
"The Big Build"

Chris and I appear very briefly, with no reference to what we did, but we were there and we did paint a trompe l’œil police box and do a UV cosmic ceiling in the boys' bedroom.
The transmission date was 8.00 pm Thursday 10th December 2009.

See how we got on.

"DIYSOS" for the BBC series 17, prog. 5, Gosport.

I appear on this with Chris Westall and the cheeky boys. Together, Chris and I paint a trompe l’œil stone work column, and I do a corner 3D piece.
The transmission date was 8.30 pm Friday 19th September 2008.

See how we got on.

See BBC DIYSOS homepage.

"60 Minute Makeover" on ITV1 (UK) series 5.

I appeared on these with Chris Westall. Though actually we only get 30-40 minutes, not an hour, as the walls have to be painted first, dried with hair dryers and then once started we have to get out early so the carpet can be laid! The shows are frequently repeated on ITV1.

First shown 8.11.07, Erith, Kent, an Alphonse Mucha copy wall panel.

First shown 19.11.07, Frinton, Essex, a Hubble telescope cosmic view of stars on a LED light display panel.

First shown 5.12.07, Bridgewater, Somerset an African late afternoon.

Re-visit them here:


"Mastering the Art" on Sky Arts, Sky channels 267/268,

In each episode of "Mastering the Art" John Myatt teaches three artists from differing fields and backgrounds the techniques and skills to create their own "masterpiece". Each programme will focus on the work of a different master, understanding their life and mindset and how this influenced their individual style while at the same time learning the weird and wonderful techniques John (a now famous once-forger) used to fool the experts time after time.

See episode 6, Sargent, First shown 12.12.07,
visit Sky Arts webpage (see me in action!)


As and when pending shows have aired I will put my images on this website.

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