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My prices are based on the amount of detail required, please e-mail me for a list of different examples of picture complexity and a guide to their cost.

Page 1: Commissioning a mural.

How to Commission Me: how the process works, and what one can expect.
The Portfolio: obviously it is all here on this site, but if you want to see more (and there is some more) then my photographs do offer better quality images. I am happy to show this and to discuss any possible works to make an estimate of costs, whether I am to be employed or not. A good suggestion, prior to this first meeting, is for you to start a scrapbook of photographs, magazine clippings, etc., to help form your ideas.
The Estimate: if you like my work, and do decide to commission me, then we can go on to the next phase. This being a full discussion of your ideas, both what is required and what can be done, and suggestions of my own, all illustrated by a few on the spot sketches. In other words: a rough outline of the intended work, time periods, preparation work, arrangements for travel and accommodation, etc.. This will be in the form of rough drawings and notes, via meetings, post, fax or email. From this I can make a reasonable estimate of costs and time for the final mural.
The Drawings: after I am commissioned to do the work and the estimate has been found acceptable, then I will form a firm quotation. I then require a signed approval and a deposit. Next I will start researching/making style guides and/or making final drawings. This is where the painting starts, as I finalise the design for you.
The Preparation: I usually arrange for my approved decorators to do this, but it can be done out of my hands. I will provide full instructions for this.
The Mural: once the design is determined, and the preparation done, I can start painting your mural!

Payment Terms and Conditions:
The Portfolio: I will usually show this free of charge, however, should there be a significant distance involved (I am based in Eton, Berkshire) I would expect the prospective client to bear the cost of my time and travel.
The Estimate: Should you find my work acceptable after seeing my portfolio and wish to commission me, then I will require an 250 "booking fee" to cover time to be spent in discussion, drawing up these roughs and other planning to form an outline of final works. Without this outline I cannot make any useful estimation. Any given estimated price of a particular mural will only be a guideline (but a reasonable one), as ideas do get changed in such a subjective area.
The Drawings: The deposit that I require is the customary non-returnable deposit of a sum that is 1/3 of the quoted price, (less the above 250). This is to cover the finalising of the design, purchasing of materials (special equipment, scaffolding, etc., will be separately negotiated) and a retaining fee to book my time for the period necessary for the work. Larger works (ones expected to take more than two weeks, or involving the use of assistants) will require a further 1/3 sum at an agreed halfway stage.
The Preparation: If preparation is done out of my hands, I will provide full instructions for this. However, if this is the case, then please note that, any specially instructed work not carried out appropriately may affect my guaranteeing of some of the products I use.
Painting the Mural: Working practice, site accessibility, etc. to be agreed before hand. Deviations from the original plan by the client, or unforeseeable substrate problems, etc., that cause the work to be protracted, will be liable to be considered chargeable extras.

You can write to me at my e-mail address or use the feedback form provided.
or call directly by
mobile phone: 0044 (0)7977-409834


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